About us

Laulaulauenlaseuatinta are Laura Broch and Laura Pitarch. Our story begun like a game when we were children and we have been sharing pencil and paper since then. Our friends were our first customers and also the most demanding on their comissions: a birthday card for the granny, a portrait of the teacher, a drawing on the blackboard... But, as we were growing, our project grew with us until we realised that it had turned into our main employment.

Nowadays, we keep on working and experimenting, sharing our sketches, retouching and reinventing each stroke “four-handed”, like we used to do when we were children, because we believe that team work is the key to improve our skills as illustrators. Although we are used to work with watercolour, coloured pencils and chinese ink, our eagerness to discover new results has brought us to learn new technique and try different materials in our work process.